9.2 Accessing iMonitor

  1. Ensure that the iMonitor executable is running on the eDirectory server.

  2. Open your Web browser.

  3. In the address (URL) field, enter


    for example:

    DNS names can be used anywhere a server's IP or IPX address or distinguished name could be used in iMonitor. For example, when you have configured DNS, then


    is equivalent to

    http://prv-gromit.provo.novell.com/nds?server=IP_or_IPX address



    If an eDirectory HTTPS stack is available, you can use iMonitor through HTTPS.

  4. Specify a user name, context, and password. For example, login cn=admin.o=novell

    To have access to all of the features, log in as Administrator with the fully distinguished name, or as an administrator equivalent.

  5. Click Login.