19.5 Restoring eDirectory after a Hardware Failure

A hard disk failure involving the disk partition/volume where eDirectory is located is equivalent to removing eDirectory from the server. Fortunately, in a multi-server environment, one server can go down while the rest of the servers in the replica ring remain intact.

To restore eDirectory after a failure of the disk partition/volume that it resides on, follow the procedures for restoring from your backup files as described in Preparing for a Restore and Restoring from Backup Files with iManager (or Restoring from Backup Files with DSBK).

During the new installation, follow any instructions provided by the manufacturer to verify that the server's hard disks are working. The new hard disk should have at least the same storage capacity as the drive it replaces. Use the local server information files to verify configuration information.


  • We recommend you exclude the DIB directory on your eDirectory server from any antivirus or backup software processes. Use the eDirectory Backup Tool to back up your DIB directory. For more information about backing up eDirectory, see Backing Up and Restoring NetIQ eDirectory.

  • If you do not have backup files for the server, use the Xbrowse tool to query eDirectory to help you recover server information. You must do this before you remove the Server object or any associated objects from the tree. Xbrowse and additional information is available from the NetIQ Support Web site.