14.0 WAN Traffic Manager

WAN Traffic Manager (WTM) lets you manage replication traffic across WAN links, reducing network costs. WAN Traffic Manager is installed during the NetIQ eDirectory installation and consists of the following elements:

  • WTM

    This resides on each server in the replica ring. Before eDirectory sends server-to-server traffic, WTM reads a WAN traffic policy and determines whether the traffic will be sent.

  • WAN traffic policies

    These rules control the generation of eDirectory traffic. WAN traffic policies are text stored as an eDirectory property value on a Server object, a LAN Area object, or both.

  • WANMAN NetIQ iManager plug-in

    This interface to WTM lets you create or modify policies, create LAN Area objects, and apply policies to LAN areas or servers. When WTM is installed (as part of the eDirectory installation), the schema includes a LAN Area object and a WAN Traffic Manager page on the Server object.

WAN Traffic Manager (wtm.dlm on Windows) must reside on each server whose traffic you want to control. If a partition's replica ring includes servers on both sides of a wide area link, you should install WAN Traffic Manager on all servers in that replica ring.

IMPORTANT:WAN Traffic Manager is not supported on Linux.