DynamicDistributionGroup RecipientPolicyUpdatesEmailAddress Property DRA REST Extensions SDK
Flag to indicate whether the primary email address for this account should be updated based on defined Exchange policies. The default is true.

Namespace: NetIQ.DRA.Common.Rest.DataModels
Assembly: NetIQ.DRA.Common.Rest.Api (in NetIQ.DRA.Common.Rest.Api.dll) Version:

[DataMemberAttribute(Name = "recipientPolicyUpdatesEmailAddress")]
public Nullable<bool> RecipientPolicyUpdatesEmailAddress { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: OnlineNullable OnlineBoolean 

When false, this updates the msExchPoliciesExcluded property with the following guid: {26491cfc-9e50-4857-861b-0cb8df22b5d7}
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