DraServerInfoResponse PropertiesDRA REST Extensions SDK
The DraServerInfoResponse type exposes the following members.

Public propertyClientIsDraAdmin
Indicates if the client is a DRA admin
Public propertyClientName
The name of the client account i.e. CN=Administrator
Public propertyClientNtPath
The pre-windows 2000 logon name of the client i.e. drdom820\Administrator
Public propertyClientOnePointPath
The OnePoint path of the client
Public propertyConnections
Information about the DRA server
Public propertyDomains
A list of domain objects
(Inherited from DomainListResponse.)
Public propertyDRAServerAndPort
The DRA server:port that performed the operation.
(Inherited from RestResponse.)
Public propertyErrors
Property holding the collection of errors to be returned to the client
(Inherited from RestResponse.)
Public propertyExchangeData
Information about the exchange policy
Public propertyIsSearchFinished
Flag indicating if this is the last page of results
(Inherited from ObjectListResponse.)
Public propertyNumberOfRowsReturned
The number of objects returned in this response
(Inherited from ObjectListResponse.)
Public propertyResumeString
A string value that can be sent in the ResumeString parameter on a subsequent enumeration call to retrieve the next set of objects
(Inherited from ObjectListResponse.)
Public propertyTotalNumberOfObjects
The total number of objecs that matched the enumeration
(Inherited from ObjectListResponse.)
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