Domain PropertiesDRA REST Extensions SDK
The Domain type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdditionalAttributes
Contains values for attributes not exposed as class properties.
(Inherited from BaseObject.)
Public propertyCanEnableRecycleBin
Indicates if the NetIQ recycle bin is enabled for this domain
Public propertyClass
Type of item on DRA server
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyContainer
The distinguished name path of the parent OU or container.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyContainerOnePointPath
The OnePoint path of the parent OU or container.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyDescription
The description displayed for the object. For example: Accounting server
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyDisplayName
The display name for an object
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyDistinguishedName
The distinguished name
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyDnsFlatName
The DNS name in flat format Optional.
Public propertyDnsName
The DNS name in FQDN format Optional.
Public propertyExists
Whether the domain exists Optional.
Public propertyFlatName
Flat name for the domain Optional.
Public propertyFriendlyName
DRA friendly name for the object
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyFriendlyParentPath
DRA friendly path for parent (if applicable) For example: mydomain.corp/NorthAmerica/West/Accounting
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyFriendlyPath
Full path to the object in canonical format. The path format uses forward slashes to define the container hierarchy. For example: mydomain.corp/NorthAmerica/West/Accounting/Myobject
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyInSameForestAs
Whether the domain is in the same forest Optional.
Public propertyIsContainerInteresting
Flag indicating if this container is interesting to DRA
(Inherited from ContainerObject.)
Public propertyIsDomainMember
Whether the domain is a member Optional.
Public propertyIsDomainOmitted
Whether the domain is omitted Optional.
Public propertyIsExchangeEnabled
Whether exchange installed on the domain Optional.
Public propertyIsFileAndPrintServicesInstalled
Whether File and Print Services for Netware is installed Optional.
Public propertyIsManaged
Indicates if the item is managed by DRA
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyIsNativeMode
Whether the domain is in native mode Optional.
Public propertyIsNt4
Whether the domain is NT4 Optional.
Public propertyIsObjectManaged
Indicates if this object is managed by DRA
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyIsRecycleBinEnabled
Whether the recycle bin is turned on Optional.
Public propertyIsReqManaged
Whether the domain is managed by DRA Optional.
Public propertyIsSubsetManaged
Whether a subset of the domain is managed Optional.
Public propertyIsWtsInstalled
Whether Windows Terminal Server is installed Optional.
Public propertyLastRefreshEnded
When the previous DOM refresh ended Optional.
Public propertyLastSuccessfulRefreshEnded
When the last successful dom refresh occurred Optional.
Public propertyLoadFailureErrorCode
Domain load failure HR Optional.
Public propertyLoadFailureMessage
Domain load failure message Optional.
Public propertyName
Name for the item
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyNameValue
DRA name
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyObjectClass
DRA object class
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyPath
OnePoint path of the object
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyPowers
Optional operation powers
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyShowInAdvancedViewOnly
This attribute specifies whether the attribute is to be visible in the Advanced mode of user interfaces.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyTypeDom
The domain type on the dra server
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyVarSetFilterString
The string to use when building VarSet filters for this object
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyWhenChanged
When the object was last modified
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyWhenCreated
When the object was created
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
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