EnumerationOptions MembersDRA REST Extensions SDK
The EnumerationOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyContainerDistinguishedName
The container to search in. If not specified all managed objects will be searched.
Public propertyEnforceServerLimit
Flag indicating if the server limit (default is 1000) should be enforced. If set to false then all matching objects will be returned. This may have a negative impact on performance.
Public propertyIncludeChildContainers
Flag indicating if the search should include child containers
Public propertyIsManagedContainerEnum
Flag indicating if this is a managed container enum A managed container enum will include containers which the AA may not directly have powers over but include children that do
Public propertyLDAPOptions
An optional LDAPEnumerationOptions object used to set LDAP enumeration options for the search
Public propertyObjectsPerResponse
The number of objects to return per response. Default is 250.
Public propertyPagedOptions
An optional PagedEnumerationOptions object used to set paging options for the search
Public propertyResumeString
Optional resume string that can be specified to indicate the next set of results from an existing search should be returned
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