IDRARestServer GetExchangeAliasName Method DRA REST Extensions SDK
Retrieves exchange name alias. The Exchange alias is used with address lists as an alternative way of specifying the user in the To, Cc, or Bcc text boxes of an e-mail message. (This is sometimes referred to as the nickname property.) This method accepts the first and last name, the initials and the samAccountName. Based on the values in these fields, the server will generate the alias according to policy set on the server. The default (no policy set) is the same as the samAccountName. The required parameters depend on what policy is set. For example, if the selected policy is 'First-Initials-Last', then the you should send firstName, initials, and lastName. When no policy is set, samAccountName is required.
UriTemplate: /dra/domains/{domainFqdn}/exchangeName/alias/get

Namespace: NetIQ.DRA.RestServiceLibrary
Assembly: NetIQ.DRA.RestServiceLibrary (in NetIQ.DRA.RestServiceLibrary.dll) Version: (

[WebInvokeAttribute(Method = "POST", ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json, 
	RequestFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json, BodyStyle = WebMessageBodyStyle.Wrapped, 
	UriTemplate = "/dra/domains/{domainFqdn}/exchangeName/alias/get")]
Stream GetExchangeAliasName(
	string domainFqdn,
	string firstName,
	string initials,
	string lastName,
	string samAccountName,
	ConnectionParameters connectionParameters


Type: OnlineSystem String
The FQDN of the domain to query
Type: OnlineSystem String
string containing the first name of the user or contact
Type: OnlineSystem String
string containing the initials of the user or contact
Type: OnlineSystem String
string containing the last name of the user or contact
Type: OnlineSystem String
string containing the samAccountName, if the target is a user
Type: NetIQ.DRA.Common.Rest.DataModels ConnectionParameters
Optional ConnectionParameters to specify a DRA server and Assistant Admin credentials

Return Value

Type: OnlineStream
A ExchangeGetAliasNameResponse object containing the operation results
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