21.1 Configuration Policies Used by the SUSE Xen Provisioning Adapter

The following table provides information about the policies associated with the xen provisioning adapter job that manage the Xen hosts and VMs in the grid. The policy settings are applied to all the VMs in the grid.

Table 21-1 Virtual Machine Management Policies for Xen

Policy Name


Additional Details


Contains the policy settings for the xen provisioning adapter.

By default, the optimal values are configured for the job and joblets in the policy.


Contains the settings required to discover the Xen host machines. It also contains the default installation path of the Xen server.

If the Xen server is not installed in the default path, edit this policy to provide the correct information.


Contains the constraints used to check whether the Xen host is registered to the Orchestration Server, and the host is up and running.

Do not edit the policy.