1.2 Cloud Manager Orchestration Components That Are Not Upgraded

When you upgrade from Cloud Manager Orchestration 3.1.4 to Cloud Manager Orchestration 3.1.5, the core components are not upgraded or redeployed. Instead, the old core components are replaced with new core Orchestration components. If you made any changes to the original core components, those changes are saved, so you can manually re-enter the custom configuration you want after the upgrade.

For example, suppose you have deployed the xen provisioning adapter job and you made custom changes to the xen policy file. When the Orchestration Server prepares for an upgrade, it repackages the xen provisioning adapter by creating a .sar archive and then stores it in /Orchestration_instance_directory/snapshot/deployment/core/xen.sar. This xen.sar archive contains the current state of the xen provisioning adapter, including your custom changes.

Later, when the Orchestration Server is upgraded, the new xen provisioning adapter for the new server is deployed, but the changes you made previously are not applied. To apply these changes to the new server, you have two choices:

NOTE:After the upgrade to Cloud Manager Orchestration 3.1.5 components, some earlier-version provisioning adapter jobs (vsphere) and the VMs provisioned by those jobs are not redeployed for use. Any resource or other objects previously managed by these provisioning adapters are no longer manageable, even though they still exist in the Cloud Manager Orchestration Server.