1.0 Interface Layout of the Orchestration Console

Both the grid administrator and the job developer need to have access to and use the Cloud Manager Orchestration Console. The administrator needs to use the console to perform any management functions, such as creating user accounts and managing Orchestration Server activities. The developer uses the console to access the JDL editor for creating or modifying jobs and policies.

The following figure shows the general areas on the console interface that are referred to in this guide.

Figure 1-1 The Cloud Manager Orchestration Console

The following list describes the functional areas of the main Orchestration Console display.

For information about launching the console and using it for the first time, see Launching the Orchestration Console and Logging in to the Orchestration Serverin the NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.1.5 Orchestration Installation Guide.

For more information about the user interface of the Orchestration Console, see Section 2.0, Orchestration Console Menus and Tools.