2.2 Orchestration Console Toolbar

The Orchestration Console Toolbar includes several buttons that let you perform command tasks in the Orchestration Console workspace views and the Explorer Tree. The table below lists the functions of these buttons.

Table 2-1 Tool Buttons from the Orchestration Console Toolbar


Tool Name

Tool Function


Go back to the previous workspace view seen.


Go forward to the next workspace view.


Refresh the Explorer and Workspace views.

Open/Hide Explorer

Open the Explorer Tree in a window

Hide the Explorer window


Cut the selected object from the workspace and copy it to the clipboard


Copy the selected object to the clipboard while keeping the original in place


Paste the contents of the clipboard

Find and Replace

Open the Find dialog box


Save changes (in the workspace views or in the Explorer)

Resource Usage Meter

(Not an active button) visual indication of resource usage. Mouse over for a listing of Active Resources, Busy resources and Available Resources, right-click to stop the meter

none (blank area)

Bookmark Toolbox

Click and drag any object from the Explorer tree into this area to create a bookmark to jump to that object’s view. Right-click the bookmark to select options to open and show the object or to remove it from the toolbox. Right-click to remove all objects when some are not visible.

Busy Indicator

This pinwheel shape appears to rotate when the Server is busy performing an operation.