14.2 Facts Table View

The Facts Table view displays the facts referenced in the Constraint Tree view for a specified Resource. Selecting a fact in the Constraint Tree automatically selects that fact in the table.

Figure 14-7 The Constraints Table View and the Accompanying Facts Table View

If you right-click a column head in this table, a menu is launched where you can select the columns that you want to display.

Figure 14-8 Menu Used to Select the Columns Displayed in the Facts Table View of the Policy Debugger

14.2.1 All Facts Check Box

If you select the All Facts check box at the top of the Facts Table view, all of the facts (including matrix, user, job, jobargs, jobinstance, and resource facts) associated with the Match Context are listed.

If you select All Resources in the Match Context (see Section 14.1.1, Match Context Area) and you also select the All Facts check box, the Facts Table view displays all the facts for all resources for the specified Match Context.

Figure 14-9 All Facts Check Box Selected with All Resources in Match Context