A.4 The Xen.CMOS OCF Script

The Cloud Manager Orchestration Server extends the SUSE Xen OCF script provided with the SLES 11 HAE product. This enhanced Xen OCF script, called Xen.CMOS, resides in /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat/.

By modifying the resource.vm.linuxha.cib_xml fact or the resource.vm.linuxha.cib_xml_defaults fact, you can define any or all Xen VMs to use this enhanced script (the default configuration, which provides VNC session functionality and the ability to execute the Pause, Resume, and Suspend actions on those VMs) or you can configure them to run without this functionality by using the original Xen OCF script.

For example, in order to revert to unenhanced Xen functionality, you would change the CIB XML text from this:

<primitive class="ocf" id="sles10-pv" provider="heartbeat" type="Xen.CMOS">

to this:

<primitive class="ocf" id="sles10-pv" provider="heartbeat" type="Xen">