5.9 Modifying Audit Database Tables to Accommodate Long Names

If your installation of the Cloud Manager Orchestration Server uses Grid Object names that have an unusual number of characters, the server might lose its connection with the audit database.

If your Grid Objects are named with long names, you might need to configure some of the table columns in the audit database with different sizes. Here are some things you need to know about the database and how to make such changes:

The SQL table definition is found at <server>/conf/audit_db_def.sql.

Use SQL commands to change an existing table column. The following excerpts from the database show some table columns that you might need to change:

CREATE TABLE    actions          (

                targetobjectname        VARCHAR(50)      NOT NULL,
                username                VARCHAR(30)      NOT NULL,
                jobinstanceid           VARCHAR(100)   

CREATE TABLE workflow (

       jobId VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
       jobInstanceName VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
       deployedJobName VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
       originWorkflowId VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
       parentWorkflowId VARCHAR(100),
       username VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,

CREATE TABLE sessions (

       name VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,