4.1 Launching the Orchestration Console

When the Orchestration Console is launched, it broadcasts throughout the network to discover all of the Orchestration Servers that have been previously installed. The server or servers are displayed at the root of the Explorer panel in the Orchestration Console.

To launch the Orchestration Console:

  1. Navigate to the location where the Orchestration Console was installed:

    • SLES: Change to the following directory:


    • Windows: In the Start menu, click All Programs > Novell > ZOS > Clients.

  2. Launch the Orchestration Console:

    • SLES: Use the following command to launch the Orchestration Console:


    • Windows: In the Start menu, click Programs > Cloud Manager Orchestration Clients submenu, then click Cloud Manager Orchestration Console.

  3. In the Orchestration Console, log in to the Orchestration Server by selecting a server in the Explorer tree.

IMPORTANT:If you are not operating in a broadcast-capable network and you have installed the Orchestration Console on a machine with a different subnet from the server, the console might not be able to discover your Orchestration Server. See Logging In Explicitly to a Named Server for the login procedure in this scenario.