A.0 Backing Up the Entire Cloud Manager System

Anytime before you upgrade, you can back up your entire Cloud Manager 2.1.5 system, including any custom files (with the exception of the Postgres database). Cloud Manager 2.1.5 includes a shell script tool that lets you back up the current Cloud Manager 2.1.4system prior to the upgrade so that if the upgrade to 2.1.5 fails, you can revert to the 2.1.4 configuration settings and files.

NOTE:A reversion to Cloud Manager 2.1.4 settings and files pre-supposes that you would revert to an earlier version of the Postgres database.

Use these steps to perform the pre-upgrade backup:

  1. Download the appropriate Cloud Manager 2.1.5 ISO, then find and extract the backup tool.

    The upgrade tool is located in the /tools directory at the root of the ISO. Ensure that you extract it to the computer where your current Cloud Manager 2.1.4 system resides.

  2. Run the backup tool, using the appropriate parameters.

    Use the table below to help you understand the options you must use with the tool and those that are optional.

    Backup Tool Parameter


    Required Parameters (You must use either of the following)


    Perform a backup of the files and directories.


    Perform a restore of the files and directories.

    -f <backup_file>

    Create a backup of all necessary Cloud Manager files and folders in the specified compressed file. If this option is specified along with the restore flag (-r), it extracts the files from the <backup_file> into their proper location

    Optional Parameters


    Back up Cloud Manager configuration files only.


    Perform a “silent” backup, then print the final backup location to the terminal.

    Syntax: Structure the backup command like this:

    ./backup < required_parameters > < optional_parameters >

    Example 1: Run the tool to create a backup of a Cloud Manager 2.1.4 system like this:

    ./backup -b -f /var/opt/netiq/cloudmanager/my_backup_name.tar.gz

    Example 2: Run the tool to restore a backup of a Cloud Manager 2.1.4 system like this:

    ./backup -r -f /var/opt/netiq/cloudmanager/my_backup_name.tar.gz