54.0 Claiming Tasks

Roles that Can Perform This Task: Cloud Administrator, Approver (Administrator approval tasks only), Sponsor (Sponsor approval tasks only), Build Administrator (configuration tasks only)

You can claim an unclaimed task or a task that is owned by another user. When you claim a task, you become the task owner. No one else can work on the task unless you release (unclaim) the task or the other user claims it from you.

You cannot assign a task to another user. The task must be claimed by the other user.

  1. On the main navigation bar, click Tasks.

  2. To claim an unclaimed task, click the Unclaimed tab.


    To claim a task owned by another user, click the All Tasks tab.

  3. Select the task to claim, then click Claim.

    The task is added to your My Tasks list. It also remains in the All Tasks list but you are added as the task owner.