12.0 Configuring Remote Console Access to Workloads

The Cloud Manager console provides remote console access to business service workloads via an embedded Flash VNC application. The application can connect to workloads either directly or through a VNC repeater (proxy).

By default, the Cloud Manager console is configured to use the VNC repeater included with the Cloud Manager Application Server. Alternately, you can set up an external VNC repeater or configure the VNC application to connect directly to workloads. Each solution has advantages and disadvantages




Built-In Repeater

  • Minimal setup

  • Supports NAT and firewalls

  • If used with NAT or a firewall, use can be limited to Cloud Manager users

  • VNC traffic flows through Cloud Manager Application Server, increasing workload on a single server

External Repeater

  • Supports NAT and firewalls

  • Offloads VNC traffic from the Cloud Manager Application Server

  • Scalable by clustering the repeater

  • Increased setup

  • VNC requests are not authenticated through Cloud Manager

Direct Connection

  • Most scalable

  • Each workload must include a VNC server

  • No support for NAT or firewalls

  • VNC requests are not authenticated through Cloud Manager

The following sections provide instructions for configuring each of the remote console access solutions: