4.3 Using Feedback to Manage Host Servers

The VM Client is integrated with the Orchestrate Server and the Development Client to provide event details for the host servers that are listed in the VM Client. This integration with the Orchestrate Server resource log enables you to see details on any jobs run on each host. You do not need to open the Development Client to discover the events for the host servers that are listed in the VM Client.

The Event Log tab for a host server shows all jobs that have been run for VMs hosted by that server. This allows you to view all provisioning and life cycle actions that are being or have been run on that host server.

Some actions for a host server that aren’t yet associated with a resource in the system, such as Accept Pending Registration for the host, can be reviewed for that host after the action has been completed. You can click any of the Information Icon icons in the Additional Information column of the Event Log tab for that host to obtain the details of any registration event. For example, the Accept Pending Registration action runs multiple jobs on the Orchestrate Server, causing multiple events to be logged. Each of those job-related entries in the Event Log tab might have further information, as indicated by the Information Icon icon.