3.4 Using the Progress View

The Progress View section is useful for when you have actions occurring simultaneously for multiple VMs because you can keep track of which ones are still running. The Progress View section is displayed at the bottom of the interface window. When is not displayed, you click View > Show Progress View or double-click Show/Hide Progress View in the lower right of the VM Client window:

Figure 3-18 Show/Hide Progress View Option

The Progress View section can be both opened and closed by double-clicking Show/Hide Progress View.

Both the Progress View and Error Log sections use the same position in the VM Client window. You can double-click in the Progress View section’s title area to expand it to use the entire VM Client window, or the entire computer monitor window if it is detached. Double-click again to return it to its previous size and location.

You can also drag the sections to other positions, including to their own window on the desktop (detached), or use the View menu options to toggle between them inside the VM Client window. The following illustrates the Progress View section as a detached window:

Figure 3-19 Detached Progress View Section

To stop an event that is in progress, select the event, then click the Progress View’s Cancel Action Icon icon located in the upper right of the view. The icon is dimmed when an event is not selected.