PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.6 Developer Guide and Reference

This Developer Guide and Reference is a component of the documentation library for PlateSpin Orchestrate. While PlateSpin Orchestrate provides the broad framework and networking tools to manage complex virtual machines and high performance computing resources in a datacenter, this guide explains how to develop grid application jobs and polices that form the basis of PlateSpin Orchestrate functionality. This guide provides developer information to create and run custom PlateSpin Orchestrate jobs. It also helps provides the basis to build, debug, and maintain policies using PlateSpin Orchestrate.

This guide contains the following sections:


The developer has control of a self-contained development system where he or she creates jobs and policies and tests them in a laboratory environment. When the jobs are tested and proven to function as intended, the developer delivers them to the PlateSpin Orchestrate administrator.

Prerequisite Skills

As data center managers or IT or operations administrators, it is assumed that users of the product have the following background:

Additional Product Documentation

In addition to this Job Developer Guide and Reference, PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.6 includes the following additional guides that contain valuable information about the product:


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