1.0 Installation Checklist

To ensure that you successfully install and configure Novell Cloud Manager, you should follow the installation checklist provided below. Each task provides brief information and a reference to where you can find more complete details.

It is assumed that you already completed the tasks in the Novell Cloud Manager 1.1 Installation Roadmap to implement a virtualization infrastructure and set up PlateSpin Orchestrate.



Review the Cloud Manager requirements and supported environments

See Section 2.0, System Requirements and Section 3.0, Supported Environments

Prepare for installation

Before installing and configuring Cloud Manager, you need to prepare the LDAP directory that Cloud Manager will use to authenticate users. In addition, if you plan to use a remote database for storing Cloud Manager data, you need to prepare the database.

See Section 4.0, Pre-Installation Preparation.

Install the Cloud Manager software

You install Cloud Manager to a supported version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10 or 11.

See Section 5.0, Installation.

Configure the Cloud Manager system

After installation, you must complete several configuration tasks before Cloud Manager can be used, including configuring the Cloud Manager application server (GlassFish), connecting to the Cloud Manager database, and configuring the connections between the Cloud Manager Server and the PlateSpin Orchestrate Servers.

See Section 6.0, Configuration.

After you’ve completed the installation and configuration, continue with Building a Cloud in the Novell Cloud Manager 1.1 Administration Guide to start populating your Cloud Manager system with the components that will enable users to provision their own business services.