5.3 Configuring the Connector for Linked Logins

If you want users to be able to access the same resources through CloudAccess with their social media identity as they can with their corporate identity, you must configure the Linked Logins connector tool. Once this tool is enabled, users have the option to link their social media and corporate accounts.

To configure the connector for Linked Logins:

  1. Log in with an appliance administrator account to the administration console at


  2. (Optional) If you want to require 2nd factor authentication for social logins, configure the appropriate tool. For more information, see the following:

  3. Drag the Linked Logins connector from the Tools palette to the Tools panel.

  4. (Conditional) If you configured a 2nd factor authentication tool, click Require a 2nd factor and specify which 2nd factor authentication tool you are using.

  5. Click OK, then click Apply to save the configuration.