NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.5 Patch 1 Release Notes

February 2017

Cloud Manager 2.5 Patch 1 (NetIQ_Cloud_Manager-2.5.1_SLE11.x86_64.iso) resolves several issues and improves performance. This patch includes all of the files you need to update the Application Server component of Cloud Manager (specifically, Cloud Manager Application Server 2.5) and the Orchestration Server component of Cloud Manager (specifically, Cloud Manager Orchestration Server 3.5).

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1.0 What’s New for Patch 1

Cloud Manager 2.5 Patch 1 provides the following enhancements and software fixes:

1.1 Support for Windows 2016

Cloud Manager 2.5 Patch 1 adds support for Microsoft Windows 2016.

1.2 Software Fixes

Cloud Manager 2.5 Patch 1 provides fixes for the following issues:

Deployed Server Has Different Values of CPU and RAM

Issue: Change requests to adjust the memory or CPUs for a specified business service were sometimes not applied. A Resync process updated the current values of the workload before the new values could be applied during a Save Configuration job. (SR 101030383971)

Fix: A change request sets a No Resync flag that prevents the workload from starting a Resync job until after the adjusted values for memory or CPUs have been applied.

CMOS Performance Issue with Resync

Issue: The speed of the resync process is important for snapshot creation and removal and in the reconfiguration of a VM. Observed performance is good after a CMOS restart, but it quickly degrades again. The bottleneck seems to be the time spent to make the request to vCenter because a full resync is initiated. (SR 101025634881)

Fix: When snapshot operations are performed, Cloud Manager will not initiate a full resync for the workload. The vsphereUpdater process detects that only the hard disk’s file name has changed, and updates only the file name instead of initiating a full resync.

CMAS CPU Utilization Is High

Issue: CMAS CPU utilization was suddenly high at 600% CPU and 100% memory and eventually went into a completely non-operational state. After a restart, CMAS CPU utilization was stable at a low CPU and 50% memory. (V1 B-103263)

Fix: Some caching in CMAS that was being done with Ehcache has been modified to use the more secure Google Guava Cache.

SLES 12 Hostname Is Wrong

Issue: In Orchestrator, the customization scripts edit the /etc/HOSTNAME file to adjust the hostname. In SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12, the /etc/HOSTNAME file has been changed to a symlink to the /etc/hostname file. The SLES 12 hostname is not updated. (SR 101048829681)

Fix: The customization scripts detect the symlink file (/etc/HOSTNAME) and edit the /etc/hostname file instead.

2.0 Files Included in This Patch

Cloud Manager 2.5 Patch 1 provides the NetIQ_Cloud_Manager-2.5.1_SLE11.x86_64.iso file that contains the updates for Patch 1. This media file contains the following Cloud Manager installation patterns:

  • Orchestration Server
  • Cloud Manager (Application Server and its Web Console)
  • Monitoring Server
  • Orchestration Agent
  • Monitoring Agent
  • Orchestration Console

3.0 Applying the Orchestration Server Patch

To apply the Orchestration Server patch to your Orchestration Server, you must perform a full upgrade installation of CMOS. For information, see Orchestration Components Upgrade Overview in the Cloud Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide.

4.0 Applying the Application Server Patch

To apply the Application Server patch to your Application Server, you must perform a full upgrade installation of CMAS. For information, see Upgrading the Cloud Manager Application Server Components in the Cloud Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide.

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