Cloud Manager 2.5 SP1

NetIQ Cloud Manager transforms your virtual infrastructure into a true cloud computing environment. Built to operate with the virtual hosts you have already configured either in VMware, Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), or SUSE Xen hypervisors, Cloud Manager accelerates delivery of services through on-demand requesting of workloads and automated provisioning of the workloads.

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Getting Started view last update
Cloud Manager 2.5 SP1 Patch 5 (2.5.1 P5) Release Notes    10/04/2018
Cloud Manager 2.5 SP1 Patch 4 (2.5.1 P4) Release Notes    06/15/2018
Cloud Manager 2.5 SP1 Patch 3 (2.5.1 P3) Release Notes    03/22/2018
Cloud Manager 2.5 SP1 Patch 2 (2.5.1 P2) Release Notes    02/01/2018
Cloud Manager 2.5 SP1 Patch 1 (2.5.1 P1) Release Notes    01/02/2018
Cloud Manager 2.5 SP1 (2.5.1) Release Notes    10/17/2017
Cloud Manager 2.5 Release Notes    06/08/2016

Concepts view last update
Cloud Manager Product Overview    06/08/2016

Installation and Upgrade view last update
Cloud Manager Installation and Upgrade    06/08/2016

Procedures view last update
Cloud Manager Administrative Procedures    06/08/2016

Reference view last update
Cloud Manager Administrator Reference    06/08/2016

Previous Releases view last update
Cloud Manager 2.4 03/31/2015
Cloud Manager 2.3 04/22/2014
Cloud Manager 2.2.2 (and below) 12/10/2013