2.15 Working with Vivinet Diagnostics

NetIQ Vivinet Diagnostics diagnoses problems with the routing, connections, and performance of Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone calls on your network. With the data you receive from a Diagnosis, you can quickly resolve problems with VoIP hardware, software, and performance.

The integration of AppManager for Avaya CS1000 and Vivinet Diagnostics allows an Action script, Action_DiagnoseNortelIPT, to launch Vivinet Diagnostics when the Alarms script raises events for the following QoS alarms (SNMP traps): QOS0022, QOS0024, QOS0026, QOS0028, QOS0030, QOS0032, and QOS0034.

To prepare your CS1000 environment to interact properly with Vivinet Diagnostics, complete the tasks outlined in Section 2.5, Checklists for Required Configuration Tasks. Then, perform the tasks in this topic.

2.15.1 Enabling Insecure Shell Access

For CS1000 versions 5.x and later, enable insecure Shell access. Vivinet Diagnostics does not support Secure Shell (SSH) access. Instead, Vivinet Diagnostics requires Telnet access.

To enable insecure Shell access for CS1000 versions 5.x and later on a Linux-based Signaling Server:

  1. Log in to the Linux-based Signaling Server.

  2. Issue the following command: HARDEN TELNET ON

To enable insecure Shell access for CS1000 versions 5.x and later on a Call Server:

  1. Log in to Overlay 117.

  2. Issue the following command: ENL SHELLS INSECURE

2.15.2 Configuring Action_DiagnoseNortelIPT

The Action_DiagnoseNortelIPT Knowledge Script must be able to trigger Vivinet Diagnostics to run a diagnosis as often as problems occur. Therefore, disable or modify the “event collapsing” feature on the Alarms script. Event collapsing allows AppManager to suppress, or collapse, duplicate events. Vivinet Diagnostics cannot diagnose each problem if AppManager has collapsed all call quality events between the same targets into one event.

To disable or modify event collapsing:

  1. Navigate to the Advanced tab of the Action_DiagnoseNortelIPT Properties dialog box.

  2. To disable event collapsing, disable Collapse duplicate events into a single event.

  3. To shorten the 20-minute collapsing interval, select a smaller number in the Time interval for event collapsing field.

  4. Stop and then restart the Knowledge Script job to activate your changes.

For more information, see the User Guide for Vivinet Diagnostics and the AppManager Help for Action_DiagnoseNortelIPT.