2.7 Configuring Security Manager to run Exchange Online Discovery

Before you can run the Discovery_ExchangeOnline Knowledge Script to discover the Exchange Online resources, you need to configure Security Manager:

  1. Open the Security Manager.

  2. Select the Exchange server on which you want to run the Knowledge Script.

  3. On the Custom tab, click Add.

  4. In the Label field, type ExchangeOnline.

  5. In the Sub-Label field, specify the Exchange Online domain name that you want to discover. For example, abc.onmicrosoft.com.

  6. In the Value 1 field, specify a username.

  7. In the Value 2 field, specify a password.

  8. Leave the Value 3 field blank.

  9. Select the Extended application support option to encrypt the password when it is stored in therepository.

  10. Click OK and then click Apply to save the settings.

IMPORTANT:The Exchange Online domain that is configured in the Security Manager can be only discovered and monitored using the Exchange Online Knowledge Scripts. If you want to monitor multiple Exchange Online domains in your environment, then you must configure the Security Manager for each of the Exchange Online domains separately. Follow the Step 1 through the Step 10 for each of the Exchange Online domains.