4.16 CDR_RetrieveCallRecords

The primary Communications Manager sends call detail records (CDRs) to a folder you specified on the proxy agent computer. Use this script to retrieve the CDRs from the folder and insert them into the CiscoCM supplemental database. This script will archive the records, if indicated.

4.16.1 Prerequisite

Run the SetupSupplementalDB Knowledge Script to create the supplemental database. For more information, see Understanding the CiscoCM Supplemental Database.

4.16.2 Resource Object


4.16.3 Default Schedule

By default, this script runs every five minutes.

4.16.4 Setting Parameter Values

Set the following parameters as needed:


How to Set It

General Settings

Job Failure Notification

Event severity when job fails

Set the event severity level, from 1 to 40, to indicate the importance of the failure of the CDR_RetrieveCallRecords job. The default is 5.

Archive call detail records after processing?

Select Yes to copy CDRs to an archive folder after processing. If you leave this parameter unchecked, CDRs are deleted after processing. The default is unselected.

Archive folder

Specify the full path to a location on the agent computer in which to create the archive folder.

NOTE:Pruning is activated by default based on the Phone Deregistration Parameters and CDR parameters (Number of days to keep call detail records) specified during execution of CiscoCM_setupsupplementalDB knowledge script.