3.3 Trend and Prediction Report

Trend and Prediction reports should answer such questions as “How busy is this device?” or “Is this device being used at all?” They should provide data you can use to plan upgrades or reorganizations of the devices and resources in your Unified Communications Manager environment.

The Trend and Prediction report should summarize MGCP resource usage, and therefore depends upon the data gathered by the CCM_MGCPResources Knowledge Script. By summarizing data about MGCP resource usage, you will be able to determine whether your current configuration meets usage demands.

The MGCPResources script monitors active and in-service MGCP gateway resource usage for a Communications Manager server. By default, this script generates 10 types of data streams, which are represented in the Analysis Center Metric context as the following metrics:

  • Active BRI channels (Channels)

  • Active FXO ports (Ports)

  • Active FXS ports (Ports)

  • Active PRI channels (Channels)

  • Active T1CAS channels (Channels)

  • BRI spans in service (Channels)

  • FXO ports in service (Channels)

  • FXS ports in service (Ports)

  • PRI spans in service (Spans)

  • T1CAS spans in service (Spans)

You can base your Trend and Prediction report on the Performance Data Trend and Prediction report, located in the Trend and Prediction folder in the Analysis Center Navigation pane. Use this report to show the trend of the maximum utilization of Unified Communications Manager ports and channels: the maximum number of ports or channels that were active on any device for each day over the specified range of existing data.

Use the Metric context to select one or more of the metrics noted above. You should set the PredictionDays property on the Properties tab to less than 180. The larger this value, the longer it takes to calculate the individual prediction values. If you set the property to a value greater than 730, the report will fail.