3.1 Service Levels Report

The reporting capability of Analysis Center enables organizations to demonstrate the value of IT and how well IT is aligned with business objectives. To these ends, create a Service Levels management report to reflect server availability.

The Service Levels report should summarize the availability of the Cisco Communications Manager Service running on Communications Manager servers. The availability of this service is vital to Unified Communications Manager’s ability to process calls. This report will tell you whether your Communications Manager service is maintaining the percentage of availability promised in your Service Level Agreements.

The HealthCheck Knowledge Script gathers data about Communications Manager service availability. Before you create the report, ensure the HealthCheck script has been running with the Collect data for service availability? parameter set to Yes. When enabled, data collection returns a value of 1 to indicate availability and a value of 0 to indicate unavailability.

In Analysis Center, base your Service Levels report on the Service availability_CiscoCallManager metric, which is one of the data streams generated by the HealthCheck script if you chose to collect data. Use the Metric By Machine report template, located in the Templates > AppManager > By Metric folder in the Analysis Center Navigation pane.