3.0 Reporting with NetIQ Analysis Center

This chapter highlights the steps you should take to create several recommended reports using NetIQ Analysis Center and the data collected by several scripts in the Recommended Knowledge Script Group (KSG) for AppManager for Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This chapter assumes you have installed and are familiar with NetIQ Analysis Center 2.7. For more information, see the User Guide for Analysis Center.

Analysis Center imports raw data from multiple AppManager repositories, transforms that data into useful information about your computing infrastructure, and publishes that information in graphical and tabular reports.

In your Unified Communications Manager environment, you must monitor certain metrics to ensure the health of your system and its resources. By analyzing the metrics created by the activity in your environment, you can track performance, uncover trends, and make forecasts you can use for capacity planning and IT support.

In the following topics are instructions for creating recommended Unified Communications Manager reports in the following categories: Service Levels, Performance, and Capacity Planning.

HINT:When working in the Metric context of the Analysis Center Console, remember to deselect all applications except CiscoCM in the Applications drop list. By filtering for CiscoCM, you reduce the number of metrics displayed in the Metric context.