2.7 Collecting Call Management and Call Detail Records

Cisco Communications Manager produces two types of records, Call Detail Records (CDRs) and Call Management Records (CMRs). CDRs, also called data records, contain information about each call processed by Communications Manager: call origination, call destination, as well as the date and time the call started, connected, and ended. CMRs, also called diagnostic records, contain information about the amount of data sent and received, jitter, latency, and lost packets.

Communications Manager does not collect CMR or CDR records automatically. You must manually enable collection. CDR records are stored in the Publisher. CMRs are generated only when CDRs are generated.

To collect CDRs and CMRs:

  1. Navigate to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Web page.

  2. On the System menu, click Service Parameters.

  3. In the Server field, select the IP address of the Publisher.

  4. In the Service field, select Cisco Communications Manager.

  5. In the System group, set the parameter value for CDR Enabled Flag to True.

  6. In the Clusterwide Parameters group, set the parameter value for Call Diagnostics Enabled to Enabled Only When CDR Enabled Flag is True.