1.13 Understanding the Log Configuration File

AppManager for Avaya Communication Manager uses a logging mechanism that differs from that of other AppManager modules. When installed, the module lays down a log configuration file, log4cxx.cfg, that you can use to control the size, content, and number of backups for the AvayaCM.log file.

The configuration file is saved by default to C:\Program Files\NetIQ\AppManager\bin. From here, you can edit log4cxx.cfg to make the following changes:

Line of Code

Possible Changes


This line of code controls the types of events that are saved to the AvayaCM.log file.

Type the following to log all events: log4j.rootLogger=Debug, AvayaCM

Type the following to log only informational events: log4j.rootLogger=Info, AvayaCM

Type the following to log only warning events: log4j.rootLogger=Warn, AvayaCM

Type the following to log only error events: log4j.rootLogger=Error, AvayaCM


This line of code controls the maximum size to which the AvayaCM.log file can grow. By default, the maximum size is 10MB. For example, to change the maximum size to 100MB, type the following:



This line of code controls the number of backup copies of AvayaCM.log created when the log reaches its maximum size. The default is 1, which means when AvayaCM.log reaches its maximum size, the full log is saved and a new log is created. When the new log is full, the process is repeated, and the old backup copy is deleted.

To create more than one backup copy, change the value of this line of code. For example, to create three backup copies, type the following: