3.10 DeleteCDRRecords

Use this Knowledge Script to delete call detail records (CDR) from supplemental database. This script raises an event if any failure is encountered.

Before running this KS, make sure to run Discovery (with setup database option) or SetupSupplementalDB KS to setup supplemental database first. When you run the DeleteCDRrecords Knowledge Script job, it starts deleting call detail records from supplemental database that are older than n days. Here, n is equal to "Number of days to keep call detail records" parameter you set while running SetupSupplementalDB KS.

3.10.1 Prerequisite

Run Discovery (with setup database option ) or SetupSupplementalDB to create the Avaya CM supplemental database.

3.10.2 Resource Object

AvayaCM Active SPE object

3.10.3 Default Schedule

By default, this script runs every 5 minutes

3.10.4 Setting Parameter Values

Set the following parameter as needed:


How to Set It

General Settings


Job Failure Notification


Event severity when job fails

Set the event severity level, from 1 to 40, to indicate the importance of the failure of the DeleteCDRecords job. The default is 5.