NetIQ AppManager for CA ARCserve Management Guide

The NetIQ AppManager product (AppManager) is a comprehensive solution for managing, diagnosing, and analyzing performance, availability, and health for a broad spectrum of operating environments, applications, services, and server hardware.

AppManager provides system administrators with a central, easy‑to‑use console to view critical server and application resources across the enterprise. With AppManager, administrative staff can monitor computer and application resources, check for potential problems, initiate responsive actions, automate routine tasks, and gather performance data for real-time and historical reporting and analysis.

Intended Audience

This guide provides information for individuals responsible for installing an AppManager module and monitoring specific applications with AppManager.

Other Information in the Library

The library provides the following information resources:

Installation Guide for AppManager

Provides complete information about AppManager pre-installation requirements and step-by-step installation procedures for all AppManager components.

User Guide for AppManager Control Center

Provides complete information about managing groups of computers, including running jobs, responding to events, creating reports, and working with Control Center. A separate guide is available for the AppManager Operator Console.

Administrator Guide for AppManager

Provides information about maintaining an AppManager management site, managing security, using scripts to handle AppManager tasks, and leveraging advanced configuration options.

Upgrade and Migration Guide for AppManager

Provides complete information about how to upgrade from a previous version of AppManager.

Management guides

Provide information about installing and monitoring specific applications with AppManager.


Provides context-sensitive information and step-by-step guidance for common tasks, as well as definitions for each field on each window.

The AppManager library is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format from the NetIQ Web site:


The library uses consistent conventions to help you identify items throughout the documentation. The following table summarizes these conventions.




  • Window and menu items

  • Technical terms, when introduced


  • Book and CD-ROM titles

  • Variable names and values

  • Emphasized words

Fixed Font

  • File and folder names

  • Commands and code examples

  • Text you must type

  • Text (output) displayed in the command-line interface

Brackets, such as [value]

  • Optional parameters of a command

Braces, such as {value}

  • Required parameters of a command

Logical OR, such as value1|value2

  • Exclusive parameters. Choose one parameter.