6.6 Integrating Reports from External Reporting Tools Using iFrames

If you have reports from third-party reporting tools that include Operations Center data, you can now access and run these through the dashboard pages using iFrames.

This section explains how to integrate reports from Crystal Reports as an example. Sample reports leveraging Operations Center data are available in /OperationsCenter_install_path/database/examples/mosql. For more information about using Business Objects Crystal Reports for queries and reporting of Operations Center data, see the Operations Center SQL Views Guide.

To integrate with Business Objects Crystal Reports from the Dashboard:

  1. Add the iFrame portlet to a page.

    Select iFrame under Sample in Add Applications. For more information on adding portlets to a page, see Section 6.2.1, Adding a Portlet.

  2. Click the configuration link inside the portlet.

  3. Specify the URL of the reporting program in the Source URL field.

  4. Specify other settings for the portlet as required.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click the Return to Full Page link to display the page from the reporting tool.

  7. Select and view the desired report.