8.13 Configuring the Starter Portlet

The element displayed on the Starter portlet is the starting element for all the portlets on the page. The Starter portlet initially shows the home element for the user.

Additional elements can be added to the Starter portlet to create a flat list of elements and their statuses. Clicking any of the elements, drives other portlets on the page.

You can customize the icon used as the status indicator for the element. The color of the icon identifies its current condition. The color is based on the colors set for condition in the Operations Center server. For more information, see Managing Condition/Severity Colors in the Operations Center User Guide.

To configure the Starter portlet:

  1. Click the options icon and select Preferences.

  2. Do the following to change the starting element, or add additional elements:

    1. Click the Elements tab. The current start element displays with any additional configured elements.

    2. Click the Available Element(s) tab.

    3. Use the Search or Navigate tabs to locate, then select one or more elements.

    4. Click Add Element(s).

    5. Click Save.

  3. Click the Starter tab to select the status indicator icon, and then click Save.