6.5 Adding a Refresh Feature to Pages

Add the Refresh portlet to the Web page in order to allow the user to refresh the page on demand or by scheduling a refresh as designated intervals.

To refresh data in a the dashboard Web page:

  1. Click the options icon next to the site name, click Add, and then click Add Application.

  2. Under Operations Center, click and drag Refresh to a location on the page.

  3. Click Refresh in the Refresh portlet to reload the page.

  4. To schedule automatic refresh, do the following:

    1. Click the options icon next to Refresh and select Preferences to configure the Refresh portlet.

    2. Select the desired interval to schedule the page refresh in the Refresh Interval list. Select None to disable automatic refresh.

    3. Click Save.

If a scheduled refresh is set, the date and time of the last refresh, as well as a countdown to the next refresh, are displayed.

If a scheduled refresh interval is not set, then a message displays, indicating the automatic refresh option is disabled.