1.0 About the AppManager Operations Portal

The NetIQ AppManager Operations Portal is a specialized implementation of the NetIQ Operations Center server and dashboard. Because this implementation is a scaled down version of Operations Center products, Operations Center functionality covered in other guides might not be available in this implementation.

The AppManager Operations Portal is a Web-based application that provides AppManager Control Center users with a personalized and portable view into your Control Center server. It allows for personalization, and integration of data from AppManager sources.

Figure 1-1 The AppManager Operations Portal

The AppManager Operations Portal home page

The AppManager Operations Portal utilizes portlets to provide functionality and content from various sources. The AppManager Operations Portal is standards compliant. Therefore, JSR‑168 portlets can be deployed in the portal. Portlets from third-party sources including Liferay v.5.2 are leveraged by the AppManager Operations Portal.

A portlet is a Web-based application built for integration into a portal; it serves as a frame or container for content. Content, including events from AppManager Control Center, can be updated in real time.

For users, the AppManager Operations Portal provides a personal Web desktop. They can personalize the display, customize the content, and save changes between sessions. Not only can private, personal pages be created, but users can join communities that have shared pages. Content can be distributed among communities and the responsibility of moderating content can be delegated to various users.