3.0 Getting the Latest Online and Offline Updates

WARNING:All updates and upgrades must be initiated from the Appliance Configuration console (:9443/vaconfig/update or :9443/vaconfig/upgrade).

Use the Online Update option to register for the online update service from the Software Licenses and Downloads portal.

To activate the Update Channel, you must obtain the key from the Customer Center. If the key is not available, contact the Customer Center through an email.

WARNING:Before performing the online update, ensure to add rules in the firewall to allow https traffic to the URLs, such as docker.io, nu.novell.com and secure-www.novell.com.

For more information about configuring the firewall, see Configuring the Firewall.

NOTE:The recommended upgrade sequence is the upgrade of Advanced Authentication servers, followed by plug-ins and Client components. Any change in the upgrade sequence is not supported.

This section contains the following sections: