Advanced Authentication as a Service (SaaS) Release Notes 2023

In addition to the existing on-premises and cloud-based deployments, Advanced Authentication is now available in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Micro Focus hosts and maintains the Advanced Authentication Servers with their databases. You can use it to secure access to your corporate resources, such as various portals, workstations, and VPN servers.

For more information about Advanced Authentication and its features, see Introduction to Advanced Authentication.

The following are the key differences between SaaS and non-SaaS models:


Advanced Authentication

Advanced Authentication as a Service


Installation is required

Installation is not required





Must meet the recommended system requirements

Does not require extensive hardware

For the list of other documents related to Advanced Authentication, see the Advanced Authentication NetIQ Documentation page. For more information about the product and support, see the Advanced Authentication Product website.

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The release number is in the YY.QUARTER.RELEASE format.

1.0 Update

Advanced Authentication as a Service includes the following update:

1.1 Resolved Issue


Issue Description

Smartphone Method

When a user attempts to authenticate to any event using an authentication chain that includes the Smartphone method, the logon process might appear as successful; however logon fails and user is prompted to log in again.

2.0 23.2.0 Update

Advanced Authentication as a Service 23.2.0 includes the following update:

2.1 What’s New?

This release includes the following:

Support for Single Sign-On

In this release, Advanced Authentication is integrated with Single Sign-on. Advanced Authentication facilitates administrators to add federated services and applications in the Applications module. This enables end-users to access several services with a single set of credentials and prevents the need to manage multiple credentials.

Single Sign-on applies different standards, such as OAuth, SAML and so on for granting the federated access to various services and applications.

For more information, see Single Sign-on.

Security Improvement

This release includes security improvements.

2.2 Deprecated Options

Advanced Authentication 23.2.0 deprecates the following from the Edit Cloud Bridge External repo page:

  • Expiration time (hours)

  • Generate Script

Advanced Authentication does not provide the script required to install the Cloud Bridge Agent.

For more information on prerequisites and procedure to install the Cloud Bridge Agent, see Installing the Cloud Bridge Agent. Contact the SaaS Operations team to obtain the Cloud Bridge Agent install script.

3.0 23.1.1 Update

Advanced Authentication as a Service 23.1.1 includes the following update:

3.1 Resolved Issue


Issue Description


In Cloud Bridge External Repository, with the Fast Sync Enabled is set to OFF if the administrator performs full synchronization, the HTTP 400 - Bad Request error is displayed instead of HTTP 405 - The Cloud Bridge Agent has been configured to NOT support Change collection error.

4.0 23.1.0 Update

Advanced Authentication as a Service 23.1.0 includes the following update:

4.1 Security Improvement

Advanced Authentication as a Service 23.1.0 release addresses CVE-2023-24468.

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