3.7 Flex OTP

The Flex OTP authenticator facilitates you to authenticate by using your otp password from any of HOTP, TOTP and Smartphone (Offline) authenticator. When you try to authenticate to any device, the OTP in the token is compared with the OTP generated in any of HOTP, TOTP and Smartphone (Offline) authenticators. If the OTPs are valid, you are authenticated successfully.

3.7.1 Enrolling the Flex OTP Authenticator

This authenticator enrolls automatically.

NOTE:The Flex OTP method is not visible in Self-Service portal until the user authenticates using Flex OTP once in any event.

3.7.2 Testing the Flex OTP Authenticator

  1. Click the Flex OTP icon in Enrolled Authenticators.

  2. Click Test Method.

  3. Specify a One-Time Password from any of HOTP, TOTP and Smartphone (Offline) authenticators in Password.

    If the password is valid, a message Test successful is displayed. If the provided password is invalid, a message Incorrect password is displayed.

  4. Click OK.