8.6 Adding a SCIM Managed Repository

IMPORTANT:The SCIM managed repository is applicable only for Advanced Authentication as a Service (SaaS).

You can add a SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) managed repository. The main objective of adding a SCIM managed-repository is to employ an API that simplifies the user identity management for the cloud deployments. With SCIM managed-repository, Advanced Authentication as a Service can accept SCIM push from external identity providers such as Azure directory, Google, and so on. A token is issued when you create the SCIM managed repository, using which administrators can manage the users.

The SCIM API has read only access to any external repository, therefore it is possible to use the SCIM API calls to validate the accuracy of a Cloud Bridge managed repository.

For more information about the SCIM API calls, see SCIM.

To add a SCIM managed-repository, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Repositories > New SCIM managed repo.

  2. Specify the name of the repository in Name.

  3. Click Copy token to Clipboard icon to copy the token for further use.

  4. Click OK.