18.8 Managing Access to the Advanced Authentication Web Portals

You can restrict access to the Advanced Authentication Web portals for each of the server.

This helps to reduce the security risk because if a server is installed in a site, the server provides access to the portals which are outside of a trusted network.

The portals for which you can restrict access to are: Account (Self-Service portal), Administration, Helpdesk, Report, Search-card, and Tokens portals.

To control access to the server portals of Advanced Authentication, perform the following:

  1. Open the Advanced Authentication Administration portal on the GMS.

  2. Click Cluster.

  3. Click the Server Portal Restrictions tab.

  4. Click the edit icon against the Host server.

  5. Set the option to OFF for any required Web portal. All the portals are enabled by default.

    For example, to restrict access to the Report portal, set the option to OFF.

    NOTE:Restricting access to the Web portal disables the event associated with the Web portal. Therefore, when a user tries to access the portal, a message Event is not enabled is displayed.

  6. Click Save.

NOTE:A top administrator can restrict access to the Advanced Authentication Web portals and enforce the configuration on secondary tenants.