9.27 Swisscom Mobile ID

In the Swisscom Mobile ID authentication method, a PKI- based mobile signature secure encryption technology is stored on a user’s SIM card. When the user tries to authenticate, the Swisscom Mobile ID is validated against the user’s mobile phone attribute in the repository. If the number is validated, the user gets authenticated.

To configure the Swisscom Mobile ID method, specify the following details:

  • Application Provider ID: Identifier of the application provider.

  • Application Provider password: Password of the application provider.

  • Swisscom Mobile ID service URL: Interface of the Swisscom Mobile ID.

  • Notification message prefix: Message that is displayed on the user’s mobile as a notification.

In addition, you can upload the Swisscom client certificates as follows:

  1. Browse Client SSL certificate. The required certificate must be in a .pem format and self-signed with a private key.

  2. Specify Private key password for the certificate.

  3. Click Save.

NOTE:Users must activate the Mobile ID service for the Swisscom SIM card.

For more information about the Swisscom Mobile ID method, see the Mobile ID Reference guide.