9.20 Password

In the Password authentication method, you can configure security options for passwords that are stored in the appliance. For example, the local/admin user who does not have an LDAP Password can use this option.

NOTE:Do not use the Password method in chains that contain only one factor. You must always combine the Password method with other factors.

You can configure the following options for the Password method:

  • Minimum password length: The maximum length of the password.

  • Maximum password age: The validity period of the password. The default value is 42 days. If you set the value to 0, the password never expires.

  • Complexity requirements: Option to enable users to create a complex and not easily detectable password.Set to ON to enable this option. When enabled, the password must meet three of the following requirements:

    • Contains at least one uppercase character

    • Contains at least one lowercase character

    • Contains at least one digit

    • Contains at least one special character

IMPORTANT:Advanced Authentication does not generate notifications about the password expiry. After the password expires, the local administrator cannot sign-in to the Administration portal and users using this method cannot get authenticated.

However, an administrator and a user can change their passwords in the Self-Service portal.