9.7 Denmark National ID

Denmark National ID is an electronic personal identification system used in Denmark to communicate with public sectors, online banking, and online purchases. Denmark National ID authentication consists of a Danish Personal Identification number, a password, and a pin from the provided code card.

Advanced Authentication facilitates citizens of Denmark to authenticate using the CPR (Danish Social Security number), a password, and the pin that has been enrolled with the Social Security number. The Denmark National ID method is implemented to authenticate to the Advanced Authentication portals such as Self-Service (Enrollment), Helpdesk, Reporting, and OAuth 2.0/ OpenID Connect/ SAML 2.0 events.

To configure the Denmark National ID method, specify the following details and save it:



Service Provider ID

Specify the service provider identification number.

Service Provider VOCES certificate

Click Browse, then select the VOCES certificate from the local drive.

The certificate has been issued as part of the Denmark National ID enrollment process.

NOTE:The certificate file must be in PKCS12 format.

Use test environment

Keep this option OFF.

User Social Security number attribute

The user’s Social Security number against which the validation takes place. You can use the custom attribute workforce ID of the repository.

You must define the attribute in the User Social Security Number Attribute of the of the Repositories section.

Allow overriding Social Security Number

The option is to prevent users from providing a Social Security number that is not registered in the LDAP repository. The option is set to ON by default. Set to OFF to prevent users from specifying the Social Security number during enrollment.