13.16 Helpdesk Options

In this policy, you can configure the following settings for the Helpdesk portal:

  • Ask for the credentials of the managed user: Set this to ON to prompt the helpdesk administrator to provide the credentials of the managed user in the Helpdesk portal. This enhances security, however reduces convenience of the operations.

    When this setting is enabled, the helpdesk administrator must know the users’ credentials to manage their authenticators. Ensure that you have specified a chain (with all the methods of the chain enrolled for the users) for the Helpdesk User event. When you set the option to OFF, the user management becomes faster, but less secure.

  • Allow to unlock user accounts: Set to ON to allow a helpdesk administrator to unlock users who are locked in the Advanced Authentication server local repository. Users are locked when the Lockout options policy is enabled. The helpdesk administrator can view and unlock the users in the Helpdesk portal under the Locked Users tab.

  • Allow to manage endpoints: Set Allow to manage endpoints to ON to allow a helpdesk administrator to manage the endpoints of the Advanced Authentication server. When the helpdesk administrator logs in to the Helpdesk portal, an Endpoints tab is displayed where all the endpoints are listed. The helpdesk administrator can remove the endpoints. This option is disabled by default. For more information, see Managing Endpoints.

  • Allow to view user report: Set this to OFF to hide the User report tab for a helpdesk administrator. This option is enabled by default to allow the helpdesk administrator to view the user’s login report in the Helpdesk portal.