20.1 Generating RADIUS script

Your can generate a RADIUS script to install RADIUS Agents. Before generating the RADIUS script, ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • All required RADIUS Clients are added in Policies > RADIUS Options. For more information, see Adding Clients.

  • At least one chain is assigned to any RADIUS Server event.

To generate a RADIUS Script, perform the following step:

  1. Click Scripts Option > RADIUS Script.

  2. Select Radius from Script.

  3. Select Linux from Platform.

  4. Specify the expiration time (in hours) of generated script in Expiration time (hours).

    NOTE:Due to security reasons, the expiration time should not be more than 48 hours.

  5. Specify the docker image name (optional) and path to save the generated script in Docker Image.

  6. Click Generate Script.

NOTE:The RADIUS script contains the RADIUS Client information. Therefore, later, if you need to add a new RADIUS Client for RADIUS Agent or modify the existing RADIUS Client, you need to uninstall the RADIUS Agent and re-install the RADIUS Agent with the new script where the new RADIUS Clients are configured.

For more information about starting, stopping, and restarting, see Starting, Stopping, Restating RADIUS Agent.